I didn’t eat any food for 30 days!

30 days The entire month of June 2022 I didn’t eat any food only water with a bench of salt(electrolytes), I was not observed by a specialist since I had experience with 10 days water fasting in the past.

My stats before the fasting :

weight was 220 lbs(100kg) 26% body fat, my height is 5′ 11″ (180cm) and my Body Mass Index (BMI) was 30.9.

The results of the water fast:

after the 30 days of water fasting I had lost 37lbs (16.8kg) that contains of water weight , muscle and a lot of fat, my body weight went down from 220lbs (100kg) to 183lbs(83kg) that was really amazing, everyone around me saw the difference and this alone gave me a real confident boost plus the many benefits that I personally had, First benefits of water fasting to notice where my weight of course and my skin was glowing and super clear, other benefits that I noticed my energy levels were really higher than usual I can run 30% longer, I started to sleep better and wake up with more energy, my joints felt better when moving it can be the results of the water fasting or the weight loose, my appetite is diminished.

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